Richmond Orchestra

Rehearsal Schedule

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Rehearsals are at the Queens Primary School, Kew, TW9 3HJ, starting at 7:30pm, unless otherwise announced.

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Wed 18th Oct

First half: Mussorgsky; second half: Shostakovich 4.

Wed 1st Nov

First half: Shostakovich 1, 2; second half: Arutiunian. T’bones called 7.50.

Wed 8th Nov

First half: Mussorgsky; second half: Shostakovich 4, 3. Horn and brass leave early.

Wed 15th Nov

First half: Shostakovich 3, 1; second half: Arutiunian. Horns, tpts called called 7.50; t’bones called 8.05.

Wed 22nd Nov

First half: Shostakovich 4, 2; second half: Mussorgsky.

Wed 29th Nov

First half: Arutiunian with soloist, Shostakovich 1; second half: Shostakovich 2, 3, 4.

Sat 2nd Dec

Rehearsal on concert day